Have a spare five minutes why not browse through the charities blog posts.   These are writtten by our volunteers.  

Our Volunteers have started a Food Challenge Friday.   Each week they will take a new challenge and find recipes and meals to create worimg in the challneg criteria. 


This challenge was to use the Morrisons saver range and chicken as the protein to creat a minimum of one dinner for a family of four. 


They decided to do two different recipes.  Chicken Nuggets and a Chicken and Ham pasta



The ingredients being used would be the following from the Morrisons saver range and some items from the Community Shop. 

 Soft Cheese, White Cheddar, Parmesan Cheese, Chicken Fillets and reduced price Ham trimmings.  When looking to shop on a budget having a look at the reduced items can sometimes help lower the cost of that nights meal.   For £1.80 we were able to add a second protein to our planned chicken pasta meal.   From the BDIC we were able to borrow some items.  " red peppers, some frozen peas, four slices of bread, 2 eggs, black peper, a chicken stock cube amnd some plain flour.   Not pictured is the milk and pasta we also got from the shop. We now had a plan of what to make so time to get started. 


The Cheesy Nuggets Recipe

375g Chicken

4 Slice of bread (we only needed 2.5 slice) - Toasted. 

2 eggs

Plain Flour

Black Pepper

Chicken Stock Cube

Parmesan Cheese* 37g



1.  We whisked the eggs in a bowl and sat to one side.  Then we crumbled the Chicken stock cube into a second bowl, added a table spoon of pepper and 6 table spoons of flour.  We mixed this micture.   We grated 37g of the parmesan cheese into a third bowl.  We toasted the bread.  We cheated and used a food blender to make breadcrumb but you can grate the toaste to make them.  If you do not want to use parmesan or flour we think you should get creative!! Use rice crispies, crisps, nuts, etc you can use loads of different things: just crush them so they stick to the egg mix.

2.  We chopped up the chicken to nugget sized peices.  Then we got a baking tray and lines it with baking paper: to stop it sticking.   We took a piece of chicken, dipped it in the flour mixture and then into the egg mix... then straight into the cheesy breadcrumbs.  Then onto the tray.  


We then baked them in the oven on 180 degrees for twenty minutes or until golden brown.  We had lots of left over breadcrumbs and parmesan but we did not through it out! 


Cheesy Chicken and Ham Pasta Recipe

375g Chicken

Ham trimmings

Red peppers

Soft Cheese




Cheddar Cheese 175g



1.  We boiled some water and added lots of salt!  When it was boiling we added our pasta. 

2.  We chopped the chicken, ham and peppers into cube sized piece and added them into a frying pan.  Stirring it to cook evenly. 

3.  We got our baking dish ready and chopped up some cheese.    Then once the chicken was cooked we added the peas to the frying pan.

4.. Once the pasta was almost cooked we drained it and added it into the baking tray.   We then added two tubs of soft cheese into the frying pan.  This is a super quick way to make a cheese sauce if your in a hurry.   Once the soft cheese melted we added milk to make the mixture have a bit of a sauce.  We added the cheddar cheese and then poured the mix over the pasta.  

5.  We stirred the mix until the pasta was all coated in sauce.  Then we added the left over bread and cheese mix from our nuggets.  This would help give us a crusty top to our pasta.  We placed the pasta in our still hot oven for fifteen minutes.  



We had a lot of fun making these dishes and portioned them up.  Graham did a post and let people know they could come and taste it and take the portions home. 


We are going to do this  for the next few weeks.   Friday 27th of January we are making use of surplus stock the shop has recieved!  So have some cheese and chorizo!  We will be making a spanish tomato soup, maybe some frittatas......  we will post to say food is ready to collect this coming Friday between half three and four pm.   Why not pop down and see what you think. 




Blair: The chicken tastes nice but its cheesy. Am not used to cheesy nuggets.   I was surpirsed I liked the pasta but it had a good flavour.


Erin: They were really nice the nuggets.  Tasted a bit southern fried chicken like. The pasta needed salt and if making it again I would add tomato. 


Max: The nuggets were good.  Pasta was cheesy and really good.