Have a spare five minutes why not browse through the charities blog posts.   These are writtten by our volunteers.  

Today we accepted a food chalennge issued by the Boghall Drop in Centre(BDIC) to create a dinner and dessert for a family of four using only what we could get from the Big Deals 19 community shop. 


We spent some time going round the shop and had some rules we had to follow.  The meal needed to be a balanced meal that would be healthy for the family to eat.  It needed to have a carbohydrate, a source of protein and vegetables.   We decided to go with an unbranded shop to get more for the £2.50 as you can have ten items for this route.   The items we got where the following. 

  • Polish sliced sausage
  • Tinned sweetcorn
  • Bag of white rice
  • Pickled red onion
  • Jar of Salsa
  • Berry Muesil
  • Tinned Apricots
  • Tinned Peaches
  • Candy Kitten sweets (these were from the branded items so count as two unbranded: these were for us to eat)

To start with we cooked the rice by adding it to salted hot water.  There is loads of videos on Tiktok to learn how to make perfect rice. Then we cut the sausage up and put it in a frying pan.  We drained the pickled red onion and rinsed it with boiling water to get rid of some of the vinegar.  We then added the onion to the pan with the sausage.   The sausage was a great choice as it had flavouring added to it already so we got more flavour from this than if we had used the bacon from the shop.  Once the sausage was crispy we added the sweetcorn and the jar of salsa.  We filled the salsa jar with water and added this to the pan aswell.  When the rice cooked we drained it and added the pot of sausage mix into the rice and stirred.   If we had more money we would have added spices, stock or other vegetables but we think the meal was really nice given that we only had £2.50 to spend.   For the dessert we took the fruit out the pot and placed it in a metal frying pan.  We arranged it and used some of the peach syrup to coat the fruit.  Then we added the muesil to the top and cooked it in the over.   


The rice dish made 7 portions and the dessert made 4 really generous ones.   We gifted some of the food to the Glitter Cannons who were using the Community Wing and they gave us rave reviews.    So it tasted nice and was filling.  


We think this is maybe something we should do more posts about.  If you want to do something similar send us an email with suggestions to and we can share your pictures on the charitys social media.  Don't forget to make it a balanced meal though.    Below are some pictures of us cooking.  Hope you liked our blog 


Zara and Blair