Have a spare five minutes why not browse through the charities blog posts.   These are writtten by our volunteers.  

A few years ago I found myself at a loose end and decided to take a visit to our local Community Wing.


I was a bit scared as I didn’t know what to expect.   My mental health and my physical health weren’t good so I was very sceptical, however I found out when I entered the building that I knew the lady on reception and she welcomed me like an old friend.   I asked what was available in the centre and if there was anything I could volunteer at, I really didn’t have a clue what I could offer in the way of volunteering but was very happy when I was told I would be able to find something to do in the way of helping.


I started helping out with the cafe and just general tidying up round about and just feeling my way to find out where my niche was. I was just getting to know the other volunteers and get involved with the things that happen in the building. We were providing meals and food for the people in the community who were struggling, I was collecting surplus food from various outlets and this was distributed in the community.


I had my eyes opened as I was so unaware that there were so many people struggling to put food on the table.  Not just people on Social benefits but people who were actually in full time employment!!  Unfortunately Covid hit us and as I was in the shielding group I had to take a back seat and wasn’t able to help at all in the Community Wing and this really broke my heart.   I had so much to give but the government told us we had to stay home and stay safe.


Fast forward 2 years and I am back at the Community Wing doing what I absolutely love doing.  Helping people, making new friends and feeling like I am helping to make a difference.  We have a community shop and I really enjoy helping in there using my retail skills from previous employment.  There are youth clubs on a Monday Wednesday and Friday so I asked which one I would fit into and once again was told to just come to one and see where it went.   I enjoy the Wednesday club which is Primary 4-7 aged children. I have fun and it’s really nice getting to know the children. They all call out to me now when they see me and it warms my heart.


Recently I was privileged to attend a conference in Glasgow with our Youth Representatives where we sat in on a couple of talks regarding topics that the Community Wing covers in it’s various groups.   It was a great opportunity and experience to be involved in. So with all of the above I think I can safely say I am very glad I took that first step through the door of the Boghall Drop In Centre and now wear my Volunteer badge with pride.


Rose Marie Armour

BDIC Volunteer