Have a spare five minutes why not browse through the charities blog posts.   These are writtten by our volunteers.  

Why I love volunteering at The Boghall Drop in Centre! – Blair 


The reason I like to volunteer at The Boghall Drop is because you get to meet new people, help the community, and do cool stuff! 


Being an apprentice is also very important! You get to help at clubs, assist at the Big Deals shop and help The Boghall Community. I really like coming along to the Drop In because there's always something to do! It always makes me feel happy that I help the community and see the staff and volunteers. 


I mainly volunteer on Tuesdays and Fridays! I sometimes pop-in throughout the week and so can you! Even being in 1 day a week can help!


In conclusion, helping the community is a great thing! I love being a volunteer. J 


By Blair – A Volunteer Apprentice