Boredom Busters

If you are stuck at home and need to find something to do, or you just need something new to do with the family; here are 11 fun things to do to help bust the boredom.

1. Do our Logo Competition 

Boghall Drop-In Centre needs a logo, so whe are putting a competition out to our community to design one, find the details on our Facebook page


2. Cook dinner as a family

How long has it been since your whole family has worked on dinner together. It can be a very fun experience and can help any little ones learn some important life skills while having fun, teaching children how to cook when they are younger can help them a lot later on in life.


3. Play some Board/Card games

Have you got some old sets of monopoly or packs of playing cards that haven't been used in years? Find one that the everyone will enjoy, pull up a table, and while away the boredom with the family.


4. Learn a new Craft/Skill

Is there anything that you have always wanted to know how to make or do? Now may be the perfect opportunity to sit down, find some tutorials, and learn that skill. If you have any little ones, they might enjoy learning something new as well. If you dont want to learn anything as hands on as a craft, maybe you could learn a language, you may not get as good an opportunity as this to get your own and any little one's attention for long enough to properly learn.


5. Do a movie night

How long has it been since you gathered the whole family around the TV to watch a movie? Have you got any old classics that you want to re-watch? Take some time to sit with the family and enjoy.

gallery/movie night

6. Play dress-up

Have you got any old outfits that you no longer use? Any 'what was I thinking' clothes? Maybe let the kids try them out, let them make a story or have an adventure based on the clothes.


7. Write a Story

Have you ever thought of a great idea for a story? Do you want to be the next J.K Rowling or J.R.R Tolkien? Maybe take the time to jot some ideas onto some paper and see where the writing takes you.

gallery/hand writing book

8. Read a new book

Do you have any new books that you want to read, or maybe some old books that you want to read to your kids? Take some time to get lost in a story.


9. Do a spring clean

If you have a room in your house that badly needs cleared out, or your attic is just full of lots of stuff, now may be a brilliant opportunity to get it organised.

gallery/feather duster

10. Make a Youtube video

Do you have an idea for a brilliant video, or do you want to teach people something that you have learned after doing it countless times? Either way, make a youtube video, and who knows what could come of it.


11. Do a jigsaw puzzle

Doing a jigsaw can be a great way to get the family together to do something fun, if you have any part made puzzles or even some that aren't started, break them out and see if you could get them finished.