The Boghall Drop in Centre is a small grassroots charity that works with the local community to make a difference to the lives of those around us.  It is our goal to work to identify the current needs in the community and work to find services or partner agencies to help address them.   The goal is to be part of the communities support mechanisms so they know what is available if they need us.

We could not be prouder that Victoria was chosen to meet with the queen to thank her for all the work she has helped the BDIC to achieve. Victoria is always behind the scenes and came up with our covid projects. Victoria's creativity, kindness and guidance makes her volunteering a lifeline to small grassroot charities like ours.

The attached pictures are examples of a shop.  The one with 10 items is an unbranded shop and the one with 5 is a branded shop.


Our community shop The Big Deals 19; opened in August 2020.  The idea behind the community shop is to encourage local residents to join and access a variety of food, cleaning items  and  toiletries at a low cost. The shop also helps reduce surplus food through working with agencies like Fareshare to re-distribute food to avoid it going to waste.


There is no criteria and we welcome everyone to join the shop.  To access the shop you must complete a registration form.   There is a monthly membership fee of £2.50. Only payable on months members use the shop service.


There are two routes that any shopper can pick each time they visit the shop.


Unbranded or branded shops. An example of each is above.  An unbranded shop is any 10 items from the unbranded section of the shop.  The branded shop is any 5 items from the branded section.   This includes ambient, freezer and fridge items.  Please note stock varies*.


The shop is managed by Denise our Food Co-ordinator. 


The Big Deals 19 shop is currently open on the following days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am until 2pm and 5.15pm until 8.15pm on Tuesday and Thursday. 


This is a small community project that aims to help lower food related costs.   Big Deals 19 works in partnership with Fareshare to help re-distribute surplus food to ensure there is no food waste.  Fareshare works with volunteers to deliver the food to its many partners.  All money raised through sales in the Big Deals 19 Shop goes towards the

annual membership to Fareshare and to help us fund the Food Co-ordinator post.


Why not support  the BDIC and register today. Contact Denise by emailing or calling us on 01506 283201