The Boghall Drop in Centre runs regular events that are designed to engage the community and encourage more people to access our services. These events allow us to target new people and to deliver fun activities that people can enjoy.  Some of these events are designed to make lasting memories like our Christmas Events.

Christmas Programme


This year the Boghall Drop in Centre hoped to return to our old Christmas programme but were able to offer a wide selection of activities, competitions and chances for children and families to have some fun.


This year we were able to deliver a Christmas Bonanza for the Friday Youth Club and a treat collection for the Monday Clubs.  There was lots of competitions with chances to win awesome prizes.   To help create some Christmas magic we delivered an arts and crafts based Elf School. The elves in training created items for the Grotto to allow children attending to take home some magical items: Santa keys, treat plates and reindeer bells.


Although we could not hold our Christmas Grotto like in previous years we were still able to deliver a special event that allowed families to come along and access the different stations and take away some goodies.

Halloween Event


This year we were able to hold Halloween parties and we wanted to make up for the fact the children did not have one in 2020.  There was inflatables for the children to enjoy and a wide mixture of sweets and games.  Fun was had by everyone.