The Boghall Drop in Centre runs regular events that are designed to engage the community and encourage more people to access our services. These events allow us to target new people and to deliver fun activities that people can enjoy.  Some of these events are designed to make lasting memories like our Christmas Events.

Christmas Programme


This year the Boghall Drop in Centre delivered another Christmas programme that offered something for everyone. 


The charity held Breakfast with Santa with Santa's Grotto on two days this year.  All for free.   There was no charge for any of the Christmas programme.  


Our volunteers were amazing over this festive period; keeping up with the naughty elves and helping to train new elves in our Elf Academy.    The new elves in training created magical objects from Santa Keys to Reindeer Dust.


There was several Christmas parties and we held our annual Christmas Dinner for the pensioners in our community.  Santa even popped in to visit them.