Drawing the attention of young people and children is important to the charity:  their input allows us to tailor design youth services for the young people in our community.


Currently the Boghall Drop in Centre delivers the following services aimed at children and young people. If you are interested in any of these clubs please email for the children clubs.


Children Clubs

Our children clubs are for set age groups.  These clubs cost 50p per child.  The age groups and times are as follows.


Primary 1 to 3 is after school on a Wednesday until 4.30pm


Primary 4 to 7 is on Wednesdays from 6pm until 8pm.  


These sessions are also designed from input from the people who attend them.

Friday Youth Club


This is a Youth led club that works with the young people who attend to design the activities that are available to pupils in secondary education.  This club is free to attend for anyone in West Lothian in this age group.  All young people must be registered to attend. This club is for Primary 7 aged children and anyone in secondary.